The Crypto Investment — a new way of thinking — the example of BeFaster

Investing in Crypto currencies — a stocktaking

According to his basic understanding, the definition of an investment has not changed with the advent of crypto currencies. Capital is used for a specific purpose. Classical business administration distinguishes between investments according to their interdependence, purpose, function and object. There is an understanding of start-up and expansion investments and the concept of financial investment, i.e. the purchase of a share, bond or participation, which is accessible to almost every citizen. But all forms have one thing in common, one takes a part of one’s private or commercial reserves and gives it to someone and has the expectation that this money will increase, in one way or another. It is no different with crypto currencies.

The classic banking and stock market is turned upside down

For over 10 years now, the existing financial system has been shaken up. The technological developments are running in a frenzy. The block chain technology has turned the previous understanding of data, data security and the question of central handling upside down. There are many rumors about the question of who will be the first in the development of the crypto currency. However, after the big international stock market crash of 2009, the international need for decentralization and use of block chain technology was so great that this question is basically irrelevant. The complete management of the money should no longer be in the hands of one institution. The international interdependence meant that, according to the domino principle, one falling stone led to the next one. People wanted power back and so a world away from the banking and stock exchange sector was created. Digital currencies were introduced. First an appearance in the Dark Net. Away from the supervision and controls, dark transactions could be carried out. But isn’t it typical for every ingenious invention that it can also be used for immoral purposes because of the peculiarity of mankind?

Lack of understanding for the new and old coins

Even 10 years after its introduction and in spite of the mass media, the global understanding of crypto currencies is still rudimentary. Not entirely innocent of this are the governments, some of whom still ask themselves the question what legal nature a crypto currency has. Is it comparable to a security or is it just a “thing”? If the latter, is movable or immovable property law applicable? As long as this question has not yet been finally clarified, cryptocurrencies have been disguised as devilish stuff. And this is exactly the quote that reached the ears of citizens worldwide. In the meantime, thanks to the tireless work of numerous YouTubers, a basic understanding of the crypto-currencies is available for the potential investor. If you talk to people and talk about cryptocurrencies, you often hear the statement: “Yes yes I know, the Bitcoins! But the Bitcoin is only the mother of all cryptocurrencies, of which there will be more than 1000 different ones in 2020. So what is the reason why, despite the numerous advantages, such as decentralization, transparency, speed and security, still more than 90% of the population cannot do anything with it and do not use it. Well, people are afraid of what they do not know and do not understand.

Investment should not be reserved for trading alone

One reason for this quite understandable fear is that the understanding of investment in crypto currencies is still largely reserved for trading. It has even gone so far that there is the profession of the Crypto Trader, who does it full-time and teaches others how it works. But the fact is that trading is a highly complex and risky process, and if you are not familiar with it you should keep your hands off it. It’s also a fact that it doesn’t matter what you trade, Bitcoins — Dollar — Euro or physical assets. This is a good comparison. Robert Metcalfe, the founder of 3Com and inventor of Ethernet connectivity, which is now the standard for wired networks, said: “The Internet will go down like a spectacular supernova in 1996 in a catastrophic collapse”. Obviously, he was a little off on his assessment. If the average citizen knows exactly how a motherboard works in computers or telephony, they still use it. This is the state that should be the goal. But this state will never be reached if trading crypto currencies is the main usecase and this elitist discipline is reserved for professional traders only.

Creation of real usecases

This world must be opened to the masses. A mass adaptation must be achieved, which allows everyone to use digital currencies without having to foresee too much basic knowledge. Just as children do, learn and experience things, large sections of the population must use these systems as a matter of course and be given a hand and instructed in their correct and conscientious use. The usecases for cryptocurrency must be useful and helpful, they must be easy to handle and simple to understand. A mass-adaptive usecase is something that either everyone needs or everyone wants. Ideally both.

Investing in crypto companies

For some time now there has been the possibility to invest in companies that work with crypto currencies. Here one often acquires the internal company token. This token has a function within the company. With increasing turnover of the company and increasing use of the coin, its value also increases. As a rule, the investment works in such a way that you acquire these tokens. A look at the companies that follow this principle shows that they are widely spread. Most of them are more likely to be found in the IT sector, a broad mass includes the Exchanges and their own tokens. However, hardly any of them have the real potential to be used and, above all, needed by everyone in a simple way.

Mass adaptive usecase using the example of BeFaster

The understanding of crypto investments has been further developed by BeFaster. BeFaster’s ecosystem has a mass-adaptive effect because it can be used by almost everyone in the world. A self-contained system has been created where people are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and are rewarded with a token (BeFasterCoin — BFC). This token is earned by counting the steps using a pedometer. There is an extensive challenge system that encourages more activity. Furthermore, a possibility has been created where users can save a lot of money on their purchases. In summary, you are rewarded for something you do anyway. Anyone with a smartphone can use it and exchange the mined token for local currency. By using BeFaster, there is a forced confrontation with digital currencies. BeFaster takes users by the hand and introduces them to the subject. To the handling of exchanges, the procedure of selling and the actual idea of a virtual currency.

Crypto investment with BeFaster rethought

BeFaster follows the Tron Europe model for crypto investment. In addition to the actual in-app token (BFC) that you get for running, there is a so-called holder token, here the BeFasterHolderCoin (BFCH). This is a pure investor token. It gives the holder not only special conditions in the APP, but also the right to participate in the profits of BeFaster. Every quarter BeFaster distributes the partial profits to the holders of profit participation rights, i.e. the BFCH holders. These profits are the result of all income, for example the in-app sales, the BePartner fees and the gadgets and merchandise items sold. The inclined crypto investor knows of a potential price increase of the actual coin, but hardly a combination of both. The pay out is also in crypto currency, so potential price increases are to be expected here as well. BeFaster combines the booming sports industry with the blockchain and has made it its business to establish the crypto currencies as well by the mass adaptive effect of the app. Investors thus benefit in three ways.

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