Investing in Cryptocurrency: Rules to Follow During a Crisis

“The sillier the market’s behavior the greater the opportunity for the business-like investor.” — this quote from The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is pretty relevant to today’s economics. When it comes to cryptocurrency, although we’re talking about a volatile market, there are undoubtedly some good opportunities out there. The key is to carefully “examine” the project you’re thinking to invest in and analyze its potential.

Let’s say that you already have a few candidates — you found some coins that you consider investing in, but you’re not really sure about how to decide if any of them is actually worth it. While there’s no way to predict success 100% accurately, you should certainly stick to some simple guidelines.

The meaningful factor

If a cryptocurrency project has unique features that solve common problems, there are more chances that it will survive in the first crypto-mania wave. Therefore, identify if it solves a real problem (projects focused on health, sports, and education are good examples) in order to make sure that its core idea and focus are meaningful, relevant and won’t be forgotten in the future.

For example, the growing global trend for a healthy and active lifestyle is what we based our app on. More and more people are interested in exercising in order to maintain or improve their health and wellness, so we decided to reward them for every step they take. Not to mention that having the goal of helping people be healthy is enriching and super motivating.

Because mining for cryptocurrencies is mostly connected to energy, adding physical activity to the process makes perfect sense, since the human body uses energy to move and, as a reward, gains crypto coins. Furthermore, earning coins by simply moving prompts individuals to live a healthier life.

The easy-peasy factor

Another rule of thumb when choosing a cryptocurrency project to invest in is that the project is easy to understand and easy to invest in. Whenever you find a coin that you see potential in, ask yourself the following questions:

➔ Do I want to hold this coin for 2 years or more?

➔ Is the coin easy to understand?

➔ Is it easy to invest in?

If the answer to these questions is Yes, then you can go ahead and make deeper research on that crypto coin.

Social responsibility

Pay close attention when investing in cryptocurrencies if the business launching them is socially responsible. In this day and era, this should be a must. At, we created an international currency that transcends all borders and, by making it obtainable via walking or running, giving everyone the opportunity to earn it. Mining costs around €15.000 in Germany, but you have the option of choosing a business that charges nothing but burned calories and improved health.

The unique factor

When searching for cryptocurrencies to invest in, analyze what makes them unique. For us, it’s our Challenges, which can be private or public, and motivate friends or strangers to move for earning coins. The challenge system allows users to compete digitally by betting their BFC (the name of the coin) on their victory.

Good to know

Read the whitepaper: this will help you avoid a bad investment strategy. Any trustworthy coin has an easily accessible whitepaper online. Read it carefully.

Stay updated: Plenty cryptocurrencies have their own Telegram channel where investors can stay updated with the latest developments. Also, following key individuals within the cryptocurrency project space on social media also helps, as a post can move a cryptocurrency to green or to red.

Diversify: don’t be 100% invested in one single project. Instead, have a diversified portfolio, with exposure to multiple assets. Maybe the only good thing about the current economic crisis is that it could be a nice opportunity for investors (crypto investors in this case) to buy affordable equities, bonds, and real estate to improve their risk management.

Keep in mind that this is not financial advice and you should always also do your own research and invest only what you can afford to lose.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below! :)

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