Cryptocurrency Investments: The Key to Make Huge Profits

BeFaster Cryptocurrency investment

Investing in cryptocurrencies has always been popular among traders around the world. Some of the best cryptocurrency investments have helped many become crypto millionaires. The thing is that early cryptocurrency investors in new coins can see their coins skyrocket in value. For example, those who invested 10k in Ethereum and Bitcoin when the currencies were in their early days, have today millions of dollars. This goes to show that a small cryptocurrency investment during the initial crowd sale — if done right — can give investors 100x to over 1000x returns on their initial capital investment. Therefore, the key to becoming rich is investing early in a promising project.

Now, talking about cryptocurrency investments in a promising project, we’re super excited to present you the BeFaster app, which combines blockchain with an active lifestyle.

BeFaster is a blockchain-based decentralized app on the Tron Blockchain. It has a unique RUN for CASH system, counting users’ steps and, according to the number of steps, rewarding users with the BeFaster Coin: BFC.

The app is created to motivate people to exercise and be healthy by rewarding every step they take — literally!

BeFaster can be used anywhere and anytime: while walking around the house, at work, when you go take a walk, jog, exercise, walk your dog, go out with your kids, and so on. It’s a pedometer and running app incorporated into one single interface, plus it earns you cryptocurrency that you can later spend to buy discounted goodies in our partner stores.

Within the app, users can organize challenges, either private, with their friends, or public. Participants can be located anywhere in the world.

Right now, we’re exactly at that early stage of crowd sale and we have 50 million BFCH (BeFaster Holder Coin) available.

The BFCH (BeFaster Holder Coin) is a special investor token that can be purchased. It determines the number of tokens held in relation to the total token supply.

These funds will be used to create and run the app and market it to people worldwide.

How do I earn money?

All BFCH holders participate in the success of BeFaster. 50% of the company’s partial profits are distributed to the BFCH holders (investors). Therefore, the more BFCH you have, the higher your payout will be. This is recorded in the blockchain and can be easily tracked in the wallet.

There are 3 ways investors earn money with BFCH:

● via increasing earnings/profits from BeFaster and therefore increasing distributions;

● via increasing the value of the tradable BFCH;

● distribution is made in cryptocurrency.

Moreover, BFCH holders receive special discounts and offers, as well as exclusive VIP functions in the DApp.

How is revenue generated?

➔ BeFaster’s revenue is generated by in-app purchases, such as the sale of skins, training plans, add-ons, etc.

➔ The company also generates income from the sale of gadgets and merchandising items.

➔ In addition, advertising revenue and BePartner fees are also a significant source of income.

Investors earn indirectly with every sale.

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