Considerations of an Investor

Looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in

As a potential investor, you are often faced with the question, what is the best cryptocurrency investment, what is the best coin to invest, which new cryptocurrencies are available, which one is the ideal crypto investment. You often stand in front of a project and try to examine the business model for its suitability and profitability with the given information and your own research. Many questions have to be answered by each investor:

- Is the market plausibly delimited

- Is there a coherent profit model,

- What is the cost structure.

This short and non-exhaustive list already outlines the immense challenges in evaluating the potential of a project. Furthermore, it is necessary to find out how the team is positioned around the project?

- Does it have the necessary skills to develop the project to market maturity?

- Is the team seriously working on the project?

- Is there a personnel plan that reflects the desired growth?

These are very central questions, which have to be clarified for an investor. Not every project and not every team is prepared to answer these questions in a transparent way.

A good crypto investment is based on a convincing whitepaper, a good business model and the project idea

I asked myself all these questions at the beginning of my journey with BeFaster. After researching the white paper and reading passively in the telegram channels, a first picture emerged. The market to be worked on and the potential of the idea and thus the business model, open up for everyone after a short research and the found growth figures of the sports industry, quite fast.

However, this was still a very fragmented picture, as this information said little about the team and the characters within it. As controller, the numbers are the foundation of my decisions and my daily bread. And yet, one should always keep in mind that the best materials are of no use to the craftsman if he does not know his craft! In order to get a picture of the acting persons, I went into direct contact with the founders via telegram and exchanged first thoughts and ideas. At the same time I got in contact with the founder of Tron Europe, Dirk Frank. In this way, the conversations with the people involved allowed me to get an overall picture.

You not only buy a Cryptocurrency, but invest in a team

After personal meetings with the founders of BeFaster and Tron Europe my decision was made. I have found the best cryptocurrency investment for me. But my decision went much further than just buying a new cryptocurrency. Because of the deep trust in the project, the perspectives of the sports market and especially in the team and the ideas for the further implementation and development of BeFaster, I submitted my application to the team and wanted to be not only an investor but an even bigger part of the BeFaster universe; we call it the BeUniverse. I am convinced that this company will be my safe and profitable haven for the future and that my know-how will serve the company and all investors, who are also looking for the best coin to buy, coming after me well.

At this point, the comparison with a marathon is almost appropriate. Currently, we are at the start of a long, certainly hard, but ultimately successful path with BeFaster. To have been given the chance to experience this race from the very beginning, and even to be able to steer it in certain directions through our own efforts, is incredibly exciting and inspiring.

Certainly not every investor will get the chance to get personally involved. Furthermore, the question arises as to whether this would be desired at all and whether it would be goal-oriented.

For me as an investor it was and is crucial that the questions about the decision of a crypto investment and the viability of the business model, the potential and the growth plan could be answered with a clear YES and that the team has the necessary skills to successfully master the hurdles of founding and managing a company.

I do not wish to make a recommendation to buy the so-called BeFasterHolderCoin (BFCH), but I do hope that my personal thoughts and motives have helped you as an investor to make the right decision regarding your personal investment.

by Timo Lenneper-Sommer

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