BeFaster Restarts Private Sale as Customer Can Now Use TRX Investment tool to Invest

The cryptocurrency industry has been going through rapid changes over the past couple of years. Since the mainstream inception of the space more than a decade ago, several companies and organizations have tried to reach for the stars and create something new. BeFaster is one of the few companies that has been successful in this regard and it looks like they are nowhere near slowing down.

A week after announcing to the world that BeFaster was joined by TheBitcoinMan, the organization has taken the next step to enrich the Tron ecosystem. According to the sources within the company, investors within the Tron community and Tron Europe will be able to contribute to BeFaster using the TRX token. For a company that has become synonymous with growth, this announcement was single-handedly set to change the course of the Tron ecosystem.

BeFaster announced that the private sale, which started on 01.04, had to be ‘reinitiated’ on 15.04 due to the subsequent integration of TRX as an investment tool, as this required a change of provider.

BeFaster is a fitness application that works on the Tron blockchain and for the first time, customers will be able to earn money and get attractive bonuses, vouchers and discounts for their purchases while using the cryptocurrency to participate in the company’s private sale. The use of the TRX token is set to send shockwaves throughout the industry because of the impact it will have on trading volumes.

Maximilian Jurtz, the Chief Financial Officer [CFO] of BeFaster had told Tron Weekly that giving users the chance to invest with TRX was a sign of a healthy ecosystem. According to him, the Tron community was very excited for the opportunity as it would reap dividends in the long run. The latest feature comes at a time when Mr Herbert Sim has decided to help the BeFaster team for its upcoming Maltese blockchain project.

The global appeal of using a fitness application that earns for the user is certainly massive. As more and more people enter the fitness fray and use BeFaster, it also increases the adoption rate of Tron. With the latest announcement of the private sale, BeFaster users will play a crucial role in setting the height to which Tron’s popularity would rise. Experts in the industry have claimed that a cryptocurrency’s popularity only increases with its use case and it looks like the BeFaster team has taken it to heart.

Irina Manilitch, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of BeFaster had said that Tron’s strong community and reach would create the perfect backdrop for fast developments. At the same time, Frank Schulze, BeFaster’s Chief Technical Officer [CTO] was also positive about the future of BeFaster integrations. Looks like BeFaster practices what they preach.

Herbert Sim, The BitcoinMan aligned with BeFaster’s mission to blur the line between cryptocurrency products and mainstream commodities. Giving investors the option to work with TRX tokens was the first step in that direction. While joining the BeFaster team, The BitcoinMan had said:

“This [BeFaster’s] unique ‘RUN for CASH’ system, couple with a passionate driven team of co-founders, will create a revolution across the world, especially with health enthusiasts, and to promote healthy living and lifestyle.The app’s use of blockchain technology is a great example for businesses to emulate — transparency, without compromising on privacy. And the digital currency use-case is also plentiful, to participation in public and private challenges, to e-Commerce, and even in-app games to be launched after.”

Originally published at on April 16, 2020.

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