“The sillier the market’s behavior the greater the opportunity for the business-like investor.” — this quote from The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is pretty relevant to today’s economics. When it comes to cryptocurrency, although we’re talking about a volatile market, there are undoubtedly some good opportunities out there. The key is to carefully “examine” the project you’re thinking to invest in and analyze its potential.

Let’s say that you already have a few candidates — you found some coins that you consider investing in, but you’re not really sure about how to decide if any of them is actually…

The handling of data in 2020 — a shocking stocktaking

For many people it is now quite normal that all personal data is tapped. One has gotten used to it. It’s part of it. You download an app, allow access to photos — sure, allow access to phone contacts — sure. Allowing access to this and that — of course, you have to, otherwise the app won’t work. You have read the terms and conditions and accept them? You have read the privacy policy and accept it? Zack — check mark set — of course — the most common lie on the internet. What should they do with my data…

Investing in Crypto currencies — a stocktaking

According to his basic understanding, the definition of an investment has not changed with the advent of crypto currencies. Capital is used for a specific purpose. Classical business administration distinguishes between investments according to their interdependence, purpose, function and object. There is an understanding of start-up and expansion investments and the concept of financial investment, i.e. the purchase of a share, bond or participation, which is accessible to almost every citizen. But all forms have one thing in common, one takes a part of one’s private or commercial reserves and gives it to someone and has the expectation that this…

India has always been an epicenter of growth and development, with a large demographic that plays a key role in creating markets. The population of the country has also been a major pull for cryptocurrency companies that have understood the impact it could have on mainstream adoption. All this conceptualisation came to a grinding halt in April 2018 when all forms of cryptocurrency transactions were banned by the country’s primary bank.

The Supreme Court of India finally lifted the ban in March 2020 after months of trials and legal battles by crypto-currency evangelists. This decision has brought in a wave…

Looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in

As a potential investor, you are often faced with the question, what is the best cryptocurrency investment, what is the best coin to invest, which new cryptocurrencies are available, which one is the ideal crypto investment. You often stand in front of a project and try to examine the business model for its suitability and profitability with the given information and your own research. Many questions have to be answered by each investor:

- Is the market plausibly delimited

- Is there a coherent profit model,

- What is the cost structure.

This short and non-exhaustive list already outlines the…

Investing in cryptocurrency can help you make money if you know how to choose the right project. Here are three essential things you should look for when investing in a crypto coin.

Read the whitepaper

Every single crypto coin out there has a whitepaper that explains what is their aim and how they plan to reach it. It’s super important to know the problem they want to solve, the solution they’ve come up with, the team behind the idea, and their roadmap. This way, you’ll be able to see which stage they’re in at the moment. All these aspects are basics that you should know before investing in a cryptocurrency.

For example, in our whitepaper you can read all about our BeFaster app, that combines blockchain with an active lifestyle, rewarding users with BeFaster Coins

Wall Street sign inscription as seen on various buildings, Wall St address, Downtown in lower … [+]

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According to CB Insights, spending on blockchain solutions will surpass $16 billion by 2023. The data suggests that 58 industries have practically limitless potential. It is no secret that blockchain technology is on the rise and it’s here to stay.

Over the last few years, major companies from Facebook, Samsung, Accenture , IBM to Amazon have dipped their toes in the industry. …

BeFaster Cryptocurrency investment

Investing in cryptocurrencies has always been popular among traders around the world. Some of the best cryptocurrency investments have helped many become crypto millionaires. The thing is that early cryptocurrency investors in new coins can see their coins skyrocket in value. For example, those who invested 10k in Ethereum and Bitcoin when the currencies were in their early days, have today millions of dollars. This goes to show that a small cryptocurrency investment during the initial crowd sale — if done right — can give investors 100x to over 1000x returns on their initial capital investment.

Valletta, Malta, 30 March 2020 — Blockchain-based and decentralized fitness and lifestyle mobile application, BeFaster, announced that Herbert Sim, commonly known as ‘The Bitcoin Man’, has joined as investor and advisor to the Maltese blockchain project.”We are excited to have the industry’s top influencer ‘The Bitcoin Man’ himself back us as an investor, and to also join us as an advisor,” says the founding team, consisting of Irina Manilitsch, CEO); Maximilian Jurtz, CFO; and Frank Schulze, CTO. “With Herbert’s experience, influence and network, BeFaster is fuelled to run even faster.””BeFaster a simple and yet brilliant idea — “Be Fit. Be…

The cryptocurrency industry has seen its fair share of updates and developments that have propelled it into the mainstream stratosphere. One of the most popular personalities in this growing industry is Mr. Herbert Sim, better known as ‘The Bitcoin Man’. He is also the founder of Crypto Chain University- the world’s first repository for blockchain and crypto research papers. Sim’s credentials also include being the Chairman of FortuneZ, a portal for iGaming, crypto and forex news.

Mr. Sim made news recently when he joined the BeFaster team as an investor and consultant. Tron Weekly caught up with him and was…


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